Book Report – Emma Dodd’s Love You Books

A few months ago, I discovered the children’s author Emma Dodd at a local boutique and kids’ playspace. I was drawn to the fuschia and gold book cover, featuring an adorable parent and baby monkey.
I love the artistry of the book “More and More” (hello, gold foil as a design element!), but also its message – that, as parents, we love our children no matter their mood or antics.

So, for Christmas, I requested another of her books, “Together.”

First, a few years back, my mom made otters our thing, and since then, whenever she gives me something otter-related, I feel deeply loved by and connected to her. She recently gave my daughter a miniature otter statue that lives on her bookshelf, and I figured we’d continue to extend the tradition with this book.

As with “More and More,” “Together” is so sweet and beautifully designed (silver foil, this time!). I love its message that a day spent together, simply enjoying one another’s company, is a great day indeed. While my toddler knows exactly how to push my buttons, I love our time together, and she is truly my little buddy, and so I really enjoy reading this book to her to communicate this bond.

I absolutely want to collect all of these books; Ms. Dodd conveys the relationship between parent and child in a beautiful way – both in illustration and words, and I can’t wait to read what’s next with my kiddo.

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