Must Visit – Milwaukee, WI

My husband’s work recently took us to Milwaukee, and we absolutely loved it. This was our first time to ever even go to the state of Wisconsin, so I was trolling Facebook and my WI-based customers for what in the heck we should do there. I knew it would be cold, and that’s about where my expectations started and ended.

It was cold, but Milwaukee was a fantastically delightful city. If we need to go again, I will very eagerly return. Except unless it’s in January or February; that’s way too cold for me. One of our Uber drivers said it was “absolutely hellish” in the winter, and that it was only warm June to September. One word: yikes. Guess we’ll stay put in Texas!


img_1442The Pfister Hotel

Wow. Gorgeous hotel! It was comfortable and affordable, and oh-so-lovely. We highly recommend staying here. Also, the Orlando Magic stayed there when they played the Milwaukee Bucks. We were enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail in the beautiful lobby bar, and all of a sudden, these really (REALLY) tall guys start streaming into the hotel in single file like giant ants heading for a picnic. We did some covert spying of luggage and figured out who they were. So… you know… if it’s good enough for the NBA…


Lake Park Bistro

Cozy and delicious. I only wish we could have seen out the window, but it was too dark.

Harbor House

Great food with awesome views of the lake and the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Cafe Benelux

Good food and beer.

The Public Market



The Pfister lobby bar, and their bar at the top of the hotel, Blu, with excellent views of the city and the lake.

Lakefront Brewery

Surprisingly fantastic gluten free beer (and regular beer). Apparently they’re the number one gluten free beer in Canada. Who knew, eh?

Colectivo Coffee (Lakefront)

Really cool coffee bar in an old flushing station.


The Public Market

Cute shops and good eats.

Milwaukee Art Museum

We didn’t have enough time to go, but I definitely want to visit next time.

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