Gift Idea – For the Budding Engineer

I first started mentally drafting this post as a gift idea for a little girl, but then I remembered this sage advice from the Huffington Post:

Gift Guide

So, boys can play with dolls and anything pink. Girls can play with trucks, trains, dinos, etc.

Now I can step off my soapbox and share a cool gift idea with you.

My toddler has an inquisitiveness I’m eager to foster. She just loves to look at things to see how they work: toys, watches, remotes (seriously, kid, WHERE IS THE APPLE TV REMOTE???). She can be whatever she wants when she grows up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up in a field like engineering.

To that end, one of her favorite books is Rosie Revere, Engineer. She loves to point to Rosie and Great-Great-Aunt-Rose, their airplanes and helicopters (“hekkicoppers”). It’s a great book for boys and girls alike, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to appreciating its girl power message. In all, though, it’s about never giving up, and believing in your gifts. What’s not to love about that?

Anyway, I think this book, plus these awesome Boon Pipes, would make for a really fun gift for any little one in your life. Ever since I installed the brightly-colored pipes in her bath, bathtime has her undivided attention. I scrub her hair while she quietly investigates how the water moves through each pipe (“my pipes!”). It’s pretty soothing for us both.

Then, we get her in her jammies, curl up, and read about Rosie, and talk about following our dreams.


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