Must Watch – The Crown

Remember a few years ago, when Netflix was a DVD distribution company, and they announced they were rebranding as Quickster (sp?), and that Netflix would be for streaming content, and the world was all like “go home, Netflix; you’re drunk.” Then Netflix quickly tucked its tail, ran home, and came back with its life-altering streaming services, and now we’re all like “please take our money!”

Well, I remember. And I remember when Netflix started bankrolling their own content, with now-household names like Orange Is The New Black,  House of Cards, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (hallelujah!). 

After finishing the Gilmore Girls revival this weekend (insert sobbing emoji), I decided to check out The Crown, also from Netflix. I’m two episodes in, and Oh My Gawd. Y’all. Sooooooooo good!!! Each episode is like an hourlong movie. The cinematic quality is spectacular. The soundtrack is divine. The acting, the costumes… I’m eating it up with a royally big spoon. 

Check it out!

And thank you, Netflix. You keep doing you, you rockstar. 

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