The Time Machine

My mind? Blown.

Mad Men returns this Sunday night (eek!), and Newsweek took the opportunity to create a retro-yet-current issue, highlighting real time stories, up-to-date news compared with where we were in the 60’s, plus a few photos and reports from over 40 years ago. I have never consumed a magazine quite so… rabidly. I am feasting on every single page: what is new, what is old? It is a vortex of eras, and I am spin, spin, spinning in it.


The best part? The ads.

I notice ads. I dissect them – the visual and verbal messages, the intent and position. I am ruthless yet respectful. But these ads are fun. I am (dare I say it?) proud of these agencies and companies who either dug into the archives to resurrect art that has been collecting dust for a few decades, or created something appropriate even though the company on display has only been around this century. [AT&T? You really could have done something special. I’m not even going to show your lazy 4G ad here!]

I’m still pouring over the pages, but when I came to this Allstate ad, I just HAD to stop and write this post. Up until the below ad, the prior displays were cool but disconcerting, leaving my brain on unsure footing: QR codes and web addresses juxtaposed with decidedly-1960s set-ups. But, in my opinion, Allstate and their hilarious Mayhem nailed this issue; it is perfectly, delightfully anachronistic when it ends with “In 47 years, visit” Genius.


Well done, Newsweek.

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