My cooking has improved SO much since the creation of this blog. I can decide to try a new dish and only have to make it once or twice (never thrice, like in the good ‘ol days…) to get it right. My kitchen meltdowns are fewer and further between, most especially now that the man in my life is a cooking whiz— a whiz, I tell you!
And all I wanted to do was slow cook some oatmeal in my brand new slow cooker (compliments of the whiz kid himself).
But, no. To slow cook yourself some oatmeal, you need steel cut oats. Not the rolled oats. Steel cut. How many web sites did I look at over the past few days that repeatedly stated this fact!?!? Well, I won’t tell you because it’s embarrassing. What I will tell you is that I picked up steel cut oats, put them down, and bought the wrong dang kind. I shall not be waking up tomorrow morning to oatmeal in my pretty new slow cooker.

Baby steps…

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