It Is Beginning to Taste A Lot Like Christmas

The holiday season is ripe with emotions: happiness, sadness, disappointment, joy, loneliness, togetherness, and more.  And, if you look at the cause and effect of each emotion, they are all embedded in expectation — whether your expectations are met, exceeded, or left flapping in the cold wind.  For me, every year is a battle of expectation management, and the result is always exhaustion; I welcome and dread this season in equal measures.

And while there are many blessings and many silver linings in this hectic, stressful, wonderful time of year, there is one standout, one little treat that is only available at Christmastime, one little indulgence that never fails to make my spirits bright, and that is… the mint M&M.

To my knowledge, this chocolaty-minty sweet can only be found once Christmas decor decks the halls of your local Walgreens (which, okay, is in October, but I always wait until December to pick up a bag!), and thus it is something I look forward to each year, something I allow my heart and mind to build up and up and up until you’d think this candy could never meet my expectations, but, then it does, and it is so good.

Merry Christmas.

Eat your mint M&Ms.

Mint M&Ms. Tastes like Christmas spirit.

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