News that my flight from LAX to DFW was canceled last Monday meant momentary aggravation followed by the realization that I was going to need another book. I was wrapping up reading Ape House (the second book by the author of Water for Elephants; I recommend you check it out) and figured for my sanity’s sake that I needed back-up for a potentially grueling trip home.

Jen and I thus headed to Pages, a locally-owned Manhattan Beach book store, to poke around for awhile. Stricken with ADD, I wandered around and around the tiny store, desperate for something to read and as equally indecisive in what I should select. Finally, I circled closer and closer to Behind Enemy Lines: The True Story of a French Jewish Spy in Nazi Germany.

While I pray that I never have to face a Holocaust in my lifetime, or endure anything remotely as horrific and challenging as a World War, I do sometimes wonder what I’m made of. If I were tested, how would I fare? Am I wily enough to outsmart and out-survive an enemy as depraved as the Nazis? When you sum up all my parts, would I be brave enough? Would my moral compass point true and North?

Whether I’m weak or strong has yet to be tested such depths, but I nonetheless honor those who, throughout time, have stood up for what is right, no matter the cost.

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