Lights, Camera, Cocktails!

I don’t say it enough. I love my job, my work, my daily bread, my clients, my career… I probably don’t say it that often because most days it doesn’t FEEL like work. I wake up. I check email. I work out. I read the paper. I head to the office. I talk with fascinating, brilliant people all day long who are deeply passionate about what they do. I’m inspired each and every day, and I’m thankful to be blessed with a job that pays me to have fun and help others.

Through my firm, I’m able to work with one of my friends: Melanie Jones of Prim & Proper, a bad-a** accessories and gift boutique here in Funkytown. She’s gorgeous, fashionable, creative and driven, and one of my PICs (partners in crime… the fun kind, not the jail time kind). We have a blast together throwing parties for her business to benefit local non-profits. For her next event, she said she wanted to have a party at The Usual (a wicked cool bar), and I said “let’s invite everyone via video!” So we talked, worked it out, found a great videographer, and here’s the end result. I love, love, love it. Please take a look and let me know what you think! Or, better yet, support the event and its beneficiary, The WARM Place.

Prim and Proper from Brian Bailey on Vimeo.

{Film Creators, Writers, Directors, Producers}
Melanie Jones, Prim & Proper
Yours Truly
{Director, Producer, Editor}
Brian Bailey, Intent Film Productions
{Friends and P&P Vendors}
Lauren Essl, Blue Eye Brown Eye
Merrick Bean, Merrick Jewels
Crystal Vastine, Fort Worth Foodie
Jason Hampton, The Usual
Jennifer Bley
Andrew Sweeny
John McMillen

And a special thank-you to my brother, Greg, for inspiring and guiding me, both daily and on this film.

4 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Cocktails!

  1. Aww, hun…Love you mucho!!! I think that this video/effort is such a great example of how friends, family, and complete strangers can come together…support one another…and the end result is everyone benefits. I love that! This is how people should do business and live everyday…all about “we” not “me” 🙂 Xoxo!

    1. Absolutely! The video would have turned out VERY differently without heartfelt collaboration and natural chemistry. It’s a joy to be a part of it!

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