Well, That’s Done

It started last Wednesday. For the first time in weeks, I knew what day it was and precisely how many more days until my flight home. I was finally ready to miss home and every morsel that goes along with it.

Sitting in my hotel room tonight, I suddenly thought of a scene in Love, Actually (one of my fave movies!) that perfectly describes how I feel right now – the feeling of relief as I swipe a big check mark in a box that has gone vacant, pulsating and agonizingly vacant for a decade. I’ve done this. It is enough. I can go home, move forward, dig down deep, and revel in the life I have built and that has built up around me. I am better now. I am stronger. I am sated head to toe, in, out and through.

Everything I fiercely love outside my corporal being is miles upon miles away. I have scratched the itch. It is done. I am ready to go home, to tell you how much I’ve missed you. To promise never to take you for granted. To thank you for being in my life, and for encouraging me to take this leap, and for staying close by me despite the many minutes and inches away. You’ve bolstered me more than you can ever know.

The sojourn is coming to a close. I’ll savor every moment; I promise. But when my flight leaves from Rome on Wednesday morning, I’ll be ready.

C’e abbastanza.

A presto.

4 thoughts on “Well, That’s Done

  1. i know and understand this feeling completely. but you’ll never forget this journey! it’s good for the soul. can’t wait to see your face when you get back. 🙂

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