Amalfi Storm

I watch, safe from my perch, as the horizon disappears; the sea and sky bleed together as the thunder grows louder, and my balcony is kissed by increasingly frantic rain drops. My excitement builds as the storm inches closer. I can’t wait to watch the deluge.

Before the storm sets in

I returned home just in time to remove my washing from the line. My plan when I awoke today was to take a day trip to Sorrento. I sat in the hotel breakfast room, reading my tour book, looking out on the glassy sea, and thought petulantly, “but I don’t WANT to go to Sorrento! (insert pouty face here.) I want to go to the BEACH.” And so, like any good toddler, I stormed back to my room, changed into my swimsuit, grabbed a towel, and marched off to find a beach.

My tour book said to walk to Atrani (just on the other side of the hill to the east of Amalfi; a short walk if you don’t mind dodging cars), as they have plentiful free beaches. Uh, yeah, because they suck. So, I came back to Amalfi, saw some pretty blue loungers for rent, and got to the business of scorching my skin. I took a dip into the sea a few times, and I would have gone back for more (despite the undesired cold stone foot massage compliments of the beach surface), but I spotted the tell tale signs of a darkening sky in the west, near my clothes hanging out to dry. Plus, I figured my poor, pale skin couldn’t take anymore sun. As I left the beach cafe, the owner smiled and said I could come back this afternoon if I wanted to. I thought, wow, that’s really nice! Then I realized perhaps he and his friends didn’t mind the view, since I was the sole, bikini-clad patron under the age of 95. Nonetheless, if the weather is clear tomorrow, I will absolutely return there.

Knowing I needed to hurry back to my room lest I be caught unprepared in the afternoon shower, I picked up the makings for a light picnic on my balcony. I’m quite fond of the Amalfi fruit stand— I can get a large bag of fruit for 1 euro, AND they let me speak Italian (and they teach me the words for the various fruits). And so I scurried home to my beloved balcony to enjoy my lunch in peace. If I play my cards right, I can stay in my swimsuit the rest of the day and not have to do any laundry tonight. Yessssssssss.

Whereas Monday was a steady rain shower of little threat, today is a true storm with thunder and lightening. I think this afternoon’s agenda will entail leaving the balcony doors open while I snooze to the sound of crashing waves and thunder.

I can see why people prefer the Amalfi Coast in the summer, but I’m loving this fall retreat.

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