My Hot Date in Amalfi

You’re looking good sta notte, mi amore. Just from the looks and comments, the ciao‘s, good eeebbenning‘s, etc, etc, etc. But just between you and me, maybe cut back a bit on the gelato and pasta??? Okay okay okay. So sensitive! Allora…

I’m taking you some place nice. A quiet little restaurant tucked up from Amalfi’s main piazza, in the square of una chiesa. No, please. You deserve it. Trust me.

The lights are low.

Gli ragazzi di Amalfi stanno giocando. The sounds in the restaurant’s piazza are only the two tables of newlyweds and the locals living above the restaurant.

The air is just right. The wine — oh, the wine. Let it drain away the day.

The other tables whisper. They’re just jealous, no? A love like this is rare.

So comfortable.

So true.


I’m sorry, my love; I’ve barely looked up from my plate. But I would literally slap my mother to eat this meal again (sorry, Mom; just a slight guff, I promise). It’s a pity to push away the last bit of spinaci al burro, but there’s simply no more room!

I know. My face glistens a bit from the seafood pasta. You don’t mind, though, right? No, of course you don’t. If I’m happy, you’re happy. Perhaps they have limoncello here?

Ah, finally, everyone else has gone. The restaurant and piazza are only for you.  The perfect, romantic notte.

I know, me neither. I can’t stop giggling.

I’m so happy.

Yes, it’s been a long day.

Soon, it will be time to rest.

Soon, the sun will rise, and the adventure will continue, on the sea.

With just my love.

Just me.

Ho arrivato a Amalfi

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