Traveling Music

As I learn more about music and the difference between creation and consumption, I realize just how much I would love to compose one day. In a way, I already am, by creating playlists, music to accompany moments of exuberance, devastation, and the minutes in between.

Life is better with a soundtrack.

Naturally, I composed such accompaniment for my voyage. I share parts of it here with you, as well as the reasons these songs were selected (other than I just flat out like them).

I think I like how the day sounds

For living life fully, and coloring with all the crayons in the box you’re given.

For seeing the truth clearly, in black and white.

For always remembering to say I love you; you may not get another chance.

For letting it all in, and feeling every morsel.

For having

For being ready — finally — to fall.

For leaving, and then knowing where you belong.

For coming home.

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