Living Life in Color

Reading notes: Please go here first, press play, then move the video window to the background so the music plays as you read the below. Grazie!


Almost two years ago, I wrote in my journal that I was terrified that I was not living my life to the extent that I should – that I was letting inertia reign over me, that I was holding back and taking opportunities for granted.

For a year, the Emerson quote “Do what you are afraid to do” stalked my every step, until finally, very late one spring night, I booked a plane ticket to Rome.

Now Emerson’s words bolster me, patting me on the back when I fret over lurking strangers, my lost wallet, homesickness… Tonight, looking north over the Arno as the fog crept up behind the Duomo, validation warmed me from within.

I am where I am supposed to be.

And as I took the bus down the hill back into Florence, my “Firenze playlist” clicked to “Life in Technicolor.” I sat alone on top of the bus; the damp, cool fall air swirled around me, tangling my hair, and I wept.

Firenze from the south, at dusk
When you have all day, why NOT climb 500 very steep steps with 1000s of tourists?
The Arno, in HD. Some prefer a bright blue sky. I think this looks like heaven.

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