Ho Arrivato

A large part of the purpose of this journey to Italy was to write. So, the fact that I abandoned my blog so spectacularly is a little disheartening, but there’s an explanation for everything! And tonight I sit in my hotel room in Firenze — an exotic time out, if you will — and I write.

Firstly, I was all geared up to get off on the right foot in Rome, but my arrival in the city coincided with the departure of my wallet. The best laid plan of grabbing dinner and heading back to the room to do some writing was quickly shattered when I reached into my purse to pay for dinner and I came up empty handed, and thus instead I was up until 3AM local time intermittently crying and calling credit card companies, banks, Mom, my office, etc. How’s that for kicking off the trip with a bang?  The silver lining (gotta look on the bright side):

  • AMEX was able to wire money to me in the morning
  • I get to retake my driver’s license picture when I return to the States (huzzah!)
  • My passport wasn’t in my purse
  • I learned a host of valuable lessons very, very quickly
  • I got to buy a new wallet in San Gimignano (I’ll be holding onto this one tightly)
  • My first week was a pre-paid culinary/cultural week in Tuscany (Ecco la Cucina), so I didn’t have to worry about paying for room and board on a daily basis while I await replacement cards that are slowly making their way across the Atlantic

Va bene. Andiamo!

2 thoughts on “Ho Arrivato

  1. I’m so inspired by your trip! And missed you while you were abroad. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures (so gorgeous!)

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