Gettin’ My Hair Did

I like having long hair. I like the way it looks, and, it’s actually lower maintenance because it takes much longer before I notice I’m in need of a lock-lopping mission. And now, for the second time this year, it’s time to get my hair cut.
I called my beloved stylist (who will only refer to me by my last name) to get on his ever-so-busy schedule. He had more times available than usual, and to every appointment he offered, my response was “no, no, no.” So, in a dramatic huff, he retorted “girl, you need to extract yourself from all these social obligations. How are you going to find a husband?!?” I stammered, “um, uh, well, I guess, I…won’t?”
We finally compromised on a 3:30 appointment — something I would never normally agree to during the work day — but only because my boss was in the salon at the time and greenlit the rendezvous.
What can I say? It ain’t easy being this gorgeous.

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