Why Do I Love This Stuff?

For someone so cynical, you’d think I would largely ignore horoscopes. And, well, I guess I do.  But I abandon all critique and fall head-first into love with personality descriptions, like Meyers-Brigg tests, and, most recently, Colorstrology.

In my line of work, pulling out the PMS book is an almost daily occurrence. So, naturally, I started following Pantone on Twitter. The best part about their tweets is the Colorstrology. On Roomie’s birthday, I sent him his color and personality descriptor based on his birthday and Pantone swatch, and it was oh-so-accurate. I swore I’d check to see my color when my birthday rolled around, and then I freaking forgot! Until today, that is.

Allow me to introduce you to Colorstrology and my Pantone color:

Pantone color for April 11
Sangria, eh?

What do you think? What’s your color? I must admit, I was hoping for a bright yellow or something like that, but I think this description is pretty spot-on.

One thought on “Why Do I Love This Stuff?

  1. I love this stuff, too! My colors were Baja Blue for my month and Grape Royale for my day. Love it! Thank you for sharing.

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