Learning to Share

As a child, sharing did not come easily to me. If I had access to my Kindergarten report card, I’m sure I would have poor marks next to “plays well with others.” You might look at this picture and see a sweet young thing and wonder how it’s possible that she could ever be anything but delightful and sunny.

Smiley Greg and Stormy Lola

But you would be wrong. From the get-go, I’ve been domineering, aggressive and suspicious. What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine. Do what I say, don’t ask questions, and maybe, just maybe, no one will get hurt.

Now, before you start to reconsider our friendship, I will say that I have mellowed out A LOT. I’m sure in what is the reverse of most people’s life cycles, I have gotten kinder and more mellow with age. Maybe it’s the yoga, maybe it’s pharmaceutical, or maybe I just genuinely love other people these days, but sharing — something that used to make me cuh-ray-zee — is now a joy and a blessing.

And so, when I was approached by Jenn Ripley to explore mutually guest blogging, I knew it was time to open up LolaKwrites to other voices on similar journeys.

Jenn and I crossed paths in September (but she didn’t know it) when she wrote about my brother (read Jenn’s very cool, inspiring and insightful stories here: http://thetrophygeneration.com/). I read her story about Greg, loved it, then moved on with my life. I went to Guatemala with Greg in October and met his friend Carl, and recently started following Carl and Waking the World on Twitter. Carl/WtW Tweeted about talking with The Trophy Generation, I started following TTG on Twitter, Jenn followed me back, read my blog, and suggested we write on each other’s blogs, and I said “woo! Rock and roll!”

And now, here we are. I am sharing this space with Jenn and my… um… five readers. {Hi, Mom.}

I asked Jenn if she was working on learning anything, because that’s where my blog is going right now, and she said yes, definitely. So, we are going to peer into her life as she learns to kick her habit of being a staunch perfectionist. I’ve read her first post, and I think you’re really going to enjoy it. Although, as I told her after reading it, I’m feeling a bit paranoid wondering what tidy Roomie must think every time he walks into the kitchen and sees I’ve left a drawer open… again

So, stay tuned for Jenn’s first post on LolaKwrites, and watch as I continue, ever so gracefully (*ahem*) to learn to share.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Share

  1. As someone that has been lucky enough to know Lola K almost as long as the picture above is old…I would say you have mellowed with age, but have managed to maintain the strong, dominant characteristics that make you the most amazing friend. And now, the PR Maven in you will dissect my giant run on sentence! Muah!! 🙂

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