Goldilocks and the Two Cookie Sheets

You probably know where this is going.

I bought one cookie sheet, but it was too big.

I borrowed (stole) another cookie sheet from my mom, and, ta da! Too small.

Tonight was the night for homemade granola bar baking, part deux, and I was inordinately excited about my pilfered cookie sheet. A real cookie sheet that fits in my oven! Alas, two cups of granola, and one cup each of almonds and coconut make quite the pile of ingredients, but I muscled through and ended up with a mixture that was rather brown on the outsides and a bit squishy in the middle. However, I reasoned that this would probably all come out alright in the end.

I resolved to learn from first act. While the oats etc. were toasting, I prepped the honey mix and started chopping the fruit and so on. I’m positively bursting I’m so happy I timed this so beautifully. And, I set a series of timers to ensure that no matter how distracted I got, I would remember to check the granola bars to make sure I didn’t burn them this time.

The bars are cooling on my counter, and I’m anxiously awaiting the moment when I can flip over the pan and get to cutting. Considering my officemates scarfed my first batch, I’m feeling pretty confident that, given I executed round two with much more precision, my recipient will be pleased with her granola. Unless, of course, she hates granola. I never thought to ask.

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