Mom and I were emailing back and forth yesterday afternoon, and while I was signed into Gmail, I noticed she was logged into Gchat. We’ve never chatted online before, but I thought, hey, I’ll ping her and say hello; she’ll LOVE that! I mean, she calls me all the time at work (though, she’s started texting me, but, when I reply via text, she then calls me with her next response. Ah, well. Win some, lose some), we have a great relationship, etc., etc.

Here’s how our maiden Gchat voyage went down:

Me:  hey mom : )

20 minutes pass with no response

Me: helloooooo…

Me: where are youuuuuuu?

10 minutes later

Mom: what

Me: hahaha! There you are! Just wanted to say hi!

Mom: hi

ANYway, that didn’t go quite as I hoped, and all I could think of was this clip from Family Guy. In case you’re wondering, I’m Stewie in this scenario, and Mom is Lois.

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