Watchin’ It

Roomie and one of his colleagues go to SBUX most afternoons for some chai and a break from the daily grind. On a recent outing, Roomie wondered aloud just how much sugar was in a chai?

Colleague 1: Why do you care all of a sudden?!

Roomie: I don’t know! Maybe because Lauren is on a diet?

Colleague 1: Why is Lauren on a diet?!

Roomie: I don’t know!

This cracks me up. Rewind to winter 08, and Roomie and I were participating in a six week yogic cleanse with our yoga studio, and on week four, we underwent a three-day fruit fast. It wasn’t TOO terrible, but it was a tad inconvenient, particularly for Roomie since he goes to lunch with his colleagues almost every day. On the first day of the fruit fast, he announces to another of his work pals that he can’t go to lunch that day or the two days after that because he’s doing a fruit fast. Without even looking up, colleage 2 responds: “Is this the roommate’s influence?”

I guess if I’m going to have a reputation, this isn’t a terrible one to follow me around.

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