The Perfect Pad!

At some point, the future awaits. Whether it’s today, this year, or next, I really should consider buying my own home. Yes, I have a honey of a deal where I live now: the best roommate anyone could ask for, an exquisite home in which to live, etc. But, nor do I want to cramp Roomie’s style indefinitely.

ANYway, I got a lead on a house today that’s perfect! It’s just the right size, and, should my personal life really pick up the pace, I can assign 1,000 square feet to myself and 11 man-friends (a modest harem, if you will).

I mean, seriously, who DOESN’T need three (3) kitchenettes and a coffee bar?!?

Who DOESN’T need six (6) living rooms?!?

What little girl DOESN’T dream of living in her very own castle?!

I tell you what: this girl will be growing out her hair Rapunzel-style tout de suite!

My castle awaits
My castle awaits

9 thoughts on “The Perfect Pad!

  1. HAHAHA! I was reading the post, with the pics below “the fold” if you will and started laughing so hard when I finally scrolled. Love it!

  2. Hee hee! Yeah, if anyone has the seed money to help me get a loan, that would be great! Or, if you want to be my Roomie… I’m sure we’ll never run into one another what with the 3 kitchens and 6 living rooms… : )

  3. I love how it comes “Lavishly Furnished.” You wouldn’t have to spend a couple million on your own to decorate!

    Also, it almost looks like it could be a dorm at Rhodes….wow.

  4. Tell them you might entertain their asking price as long as 6 princes come with the castle. One for every night of the week (girls’ night is on day 7.) They can each have their own living room, but will have to share a kichenette. Also, see if they have any plug in Josephs, Marys and Baby Jesus’ to make it look more like Rhodes 🙂

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