Around Town

I just love taking photos. So, when I get to do this for work, I get really happy.

The boss lady and I hopped in the car Tuesday late afternoon to drive around and get some interesting snaps of Funkytown for a client project. Here are some of my faves, but they won’t be used in the campaign. I’m okay with that, because that means I get to use them!

First we went up the street to Arts Fifth Avenue. GREAT venue, and a very cool building.

Arts Fifth Avenue entrance lamps
Arts Fifth Avenue entrance lamps

Then we headed east, and I climbed over the the highway partition, down a hill, up a steep hill (in a dress and heels…) to the Homeless Tree.

Fort Worth skyline from the Homeless Tree
Fort Worth skyline from the Homeless Tree

Our final location of the day was the Trinity River.

Trinity River
Trinity River

And my last shot: the sky.

Cloud gazing
Cloud gazing

6 thoughts on “Around Town

  1. This was an ideal time of day. LolaK has such a good eye. And I was pleasantly surprised by Fort Woof (was maybe expecting Christine to gun her motor and lurch across the pasture in attack!) Looking at everyday settings through a different lens is a bit like being on vacation, a nice interlude in a very busy time.

  2. Thanks, you two! I had so much fun with you, Paige. Definitely a treat to share our work day and our hometown in this way.

    Anaka, I love the homeless tree, too. I know I’m on my way home when I see it.

  3. Wow LK, these are great! The Arts 5th Avenue picture is such an interesting perspective and something I have never noticed. I love the homeless tree as well.

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