I’m a big believer in voting. In fact, I tend to get irate with people who do not take the right to vote seriously (which you might find surprising coming from someone soooo not political). But, this is not a post about politics. This is a post about passion and following one’s dreams, and, ultimately, hope.

At the eleventh hour, my brother ditched an academic path towards a Masters in Accounting, which would have then led him to a clearly-defined career. He turned down second interviews for high-paying internships in glamorous cities and turned his back on the road well-traveled. He ignored the grumblings of his elders, the cries of dismay from his professors, and chose to listen to the one thing that mattered: his heart.  And at that moment, he started making the world a better place, as the dilettante emerged as a legit artiste on the prowl to help others through his art.

On his journey, he (and some friends) filmed a little flick, and that short movie earned the One Spark Films team a spot in the top 10 of The Doorpost Film Project finals and a shot at $100,000 big ones. By voting, we help get him one step closer to achieving his dreams.

So, the question remains: did he tell a story of Hope better than the rest? I’m biased, because I think his own story of self-discovery and actualization is inspirational.

We don’t need fiction to believe in our dreams. We just need courage.

And hope.




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