Ask any good friend of mine, and I guarantee one of the adjectives he or she might use to describe me will be “loyal.” It comes naturally to me; it’s easy for me to be loyal to the short list of those I love. I’m loyal to my family; I’m blessed in that department. I’m loyal to my friends; if you’re a friend of mine, chances are we’re very close, and we’ll be friends for life. I’m loyal to my colleagues and boss; I’m proud to be associated with each one of them. And, when it comes to men, well… that’s a whole other blog!

But you might be surprised that I’m loyal to some other people in my life. For instance, after the trauma of cutting my own hair (as described here), I became understandably touchy about who laid hands and scissors on my precious locks. I’m a serious serial monogamist when it comes to my ‘do. And because I’m loyal, I tend to be a creature of habit, so when I found a nail place that’s nearby, inexpensive, and friendly, I returned over and over.

Prior to Saturday, I didn’t know my manicurist’s name. She is SUPER nice, I just wasn’t expecting her name to be “Katie,” so to save myself from embarassment, I just never bothered to ask. Plus, I’m not super chatty when I’m trying to relax. And, in my defense, that was probably not the name she was born with, some place across the Pacific from here.

I digress.

I adore Katie. She is lovely to me, and I believe she is genuinely happy to see me when I stop by. But, unlike the anguish and guilt I would most assuredly be stricken with were I to cheat on my stylist, I didn’t give Katie a single thought when I grabbed a mani/pedi in Hermosa Beach, CA, with JMo. And when it was time for another nail treat this past Saturday, I didn’t think to scrub my nails of the evidence of my betrayal.

I plopped down at Katie’s station and offered her my fingers. She held my left hand in her right, looking down with her other hand poised to remove my polish.

Katie: This not from last time.

Not a question. A statement.

Lola: Um, no, no it isn’t. I, uh, was out of town.


Lola: I went to California to see a friend, and we got our nails done.

STONY silence.

What in the heck?! Well, now I know; Katie takes loyalty just as seriously as I do. And I’m lucky to have her.

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