A Space of My Own

After a lovely visit with Anika last night, I realized what I’ve been wanting so badly for quite some time now: a little place to carve out in the world that is my own. I don’t mean I want to leave where I live; I’ll stick with my Roomie until he kicks me out (or just a few moments prior to him wanting to kick me out).

I literally mean a nook, a place to write and think and look out upon the world, to feel whole, to reflect, to dream, if only for a few days.

I’m re-reading “Gift from the Sea,” and I think I may need to retreat to the oceanside as soon as possible. Okay, so that’s looking like November, but the mere thought of arriving at the wintry beach and peering out onto the grey horizon uplifts my spirit in a way it hasn’t been touched in awhile.

You’d think for being such a water-baby, I might be a Pisces (if you believe that sh*t at all)…

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