New Twist, Old Classic

I’ve decided that, after years of anecdotal research, I am more productive at work when I wear high heels (the taller the better, thankyouverymuch) and dress nicely. And it was with that thought in mind that I surveyed my shoe collection this morning, laboring over which shoes would torture my feet and back today. I finally decided on my most treacherous pair that bring my 5’7″ frame to a dainty 6′, and in a rare moment of practicality, I grabbed a pair of flats… just in case.

Big Girl Shoes
Big Girl Shoes

When I could no longer ignore my hungry tummy this afternoon, I decided to venture home for lunch. Looking out my window into the rainy day, however, I figured a shoe wardrobe change might be a wise decision.

Upon my return to my desk and to-do list, I slipped off the flats and climbed back into my stilts, and that’s when it hit me…

I am Mr. Rogers (the 2009 version, natch).

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