Goat Breather

At least, I think that’s what the woman at Volvo service said was the car part apparently clogged up causing a wheezing to emanate from beneath my hood and the check engine light to illuminate.

I pulled into the service driveway, shaking a bit as I worried about what was wrong with my car, wondering how much it would cost to fix this mysterious issue, and my service rep lady came outside to greet me.

Lady: “Is that noise why you’re here? Is the check engine light on, too?”

Me: “Yesss! What does that mean? Is that bad?”

Cue the movie clip* that always runs through my mind at the car dealership service counter and the doctor’s office (for instance Nurse: “you just failed the breathing test.” Me: “I did?! Is that bad?!”):

Lady: “No, it’s just your goat breather. It’s clogged; we’ll clean it out for you.”

Me: “Ohhh…”

I hope my Goat Breather is okay!

* This is perhaps my favorite moment in a movie, ever. A little LolaK-FYI.

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