I Feel Funny

I don’t like going to the doctor. I don’t like taking medicine. So, it’s no wonder that I put off going to the allergist even after weeks of severe allergy hell.  But finally after coughing for two hours straight while attempting to watch a movie with my family, I gave up trying to tough it out. I needed help, clearly. Fortunately, I know people. Roomie’s dad just happens to be one of the top allergists in Funkytown, so I was squeezed into his tight schedule weeks ahead of when I might see him if I were, like, a normal person (a normie, if you will). Of course, in typical Lola fashion, I started feeling better the moment I made the appointment, but I figured, hey, I’ll just go anyway and see what’s been causing this ruckus.

Today was finally the big day. And oh, what a day at the doctor’s office it was. In the end, I stumbled out of there after 2.5 hours with a shot in the butt, a lunch sack full of prescription samples, three prescription slips, an appointment for a sinus and lung x-ray, an emergency inhaler (I kinda failed the lung capacity test…), and a follow-up appointment. Glad I have the inhaler because I’m starting to totally freak out!

Here’s to hoping I start feeling better, stat.

2 thoughts on “I Feel Funny

  1. I do believe the drugs are kicking in! Though, I would caution all physicians out there against giving a hypochondriac an “emergency” inhaler. I kept reaching for it last night wondering, “is THIS an emergency??!!” No, Lola. No it is not.

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